The First Ecological Washing Machine of Latin America.


The change of course that our planet needs

the future is green

Why be part of the change?

Easy to use

Quick, Simple. Ecological

Linder Saves Time

Only ten minutes per wash, including the spin cycle.

No Electricity Needed

Linder works without electricity- it uses the mechanical energy provided by the pressure of your foot on the pedal.

Linder Saves Water

It uses only 12 lts of water per wash, which is 30 lts less than with a traditional washing machine.

12 lts of water
0 ml

How does Linder work?

Put the clothes in the drum with 8 liters of water, which is equivalent to two full Linder lids.
Add detergent to the 5 ml dispenser.
Operate the pedal for 3-5 minutes.

Open the drain hose to drain Linder of water.
Put the hose back in the cap position.
Add 4 liters of water, that is, a full Linder lid.
Operate the pedal for 1 to 2 minutes.

Uncover the drain hose.
Continue pressing the foot pedal for another 40 seconds for perfect drying.

Frequented Asked Questions

You can buy it online when the campaign is active on Kickstarter

It is a financing platform («crowdfunding» in English) in which products are launched that are not yet available in the market but can be purchased in advance. An amount of money to be raised is stipulated and a delivery date of the final product is promised to each user who participated in the campaign. More information at: Kickstarer

We want to get sales worth 130,000 USD. This amount will allow us to build the matrices for plastic injection and the production of the committed units.

Linder will be available on Kickstarter for 45 days. There will be significant discounts for buyers during the first 24 hours.

It will have a final market price of 189 USD. We recommend you participate in the Kickstarter crowdfunding during the first 24 hours. to get discounts of up to 32%.

From December 2020

Yes, it depends on the country where the delivery is made.

Yes of course. You have the same rights as buying the product in the traditional way.

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We are working

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Our Vision

Develop novel solutions to promote a more sustainable world and achieve greater awareness of the use of resources.

Our Mission

Provide goods and services that adapt and meet ecological and environmental needs in order to reduce their impact. Perform it efficiently and functionally in different phases of production, distribution and marketing.

About Us

Frugality was born in 2018 with the idea of providing a solution to people who value their time, prioritize space and are mindful of their belongings.

Our modern washer Linder is a solution for those who…might find shared laundromats unconfortable  don’t have enough space for a conventional washing machine want to increase the frequency of loads but shorten the time and reduce the load size but more importantly, for all those who are actively taking care of the environment!

After much research, we have confirmed our suspicions: traditional washing machines waste enormous amounts of water and electricity for a medium-sized load. This is why we have designed this portable, ecological and efficient washer. Linder is the fun, new way to do your laundry!

In a world where climate change is an evident, urgent problem and where the scarcity of water and other natural resources is getting worse, we are convinced that sustainable alternatives like Linder are the ones that generate the positive change our planet really needs.


Juan Martin Falibene


Tomas Sills


Tomas Appleyard

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